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SA LNG Import Terminal can serve the east coast – study confirms

A joint study by South Australian LNG import terminal developer, Venice Energy, and SEA Gas, the owners of the ~680km pipeline between Victoria and SA, has confirmed the pipeline can be reconfigured to facilitate bi-directional flow between the states.

This means the proposed LNG terminal in the Outer Harbor at Port Adelaide will ensure that both South Australia and Victoria can secure their gas supplies and avoid shortages, particularly during the peak winter period.

Venice Energy Managing Director, Kym Winter-Dewhirst, said last season’s gas shortages in the southeast of Australia, particularly in Victoria, will become a thing of the past once the project becomes fully operational in 2026.

“Most gas producers, analysts and regulators agree that domestic gas supplies in southeast Australia will fall significantly over the next decade as coal begins to exit the local market and gas becomes the primary back-up for renewable energy due to its intermittent nature,’ he said.

“We believe that imported LNG provides insurance to energy supply companies as the nation makes its transition to a low carbon economy over the next 10-15 years and our LNG terminal will play a major role in that transition.”

Venice Energy’s Outer Harbor Project can receive LNG from both the Northwest Shelf and Gladstone along with access to international gas supplies, which will ensure there is never a gas shortage here. It will also provide significant additional storage via its Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU), through the 680km SEA Gas pipeline and by maintaining storage at the Iona underground storage facility west of Melbourne via regular shipments, especially during peak winter periods.


Venice Energy secured all government project approvals in December 2021;

The LNG terminal will be the first in the world to operate exclusively on renewable energy;

It will consist of two new berths, cryogenic piping, gas loading arms and other infrastructure in the Outer Harbor at Port Adelaide;

It will connect to the SEA Gas pipeline at a junction point only 150m from its terminal boundary to provide gas to South Australian and Victorian energy companies and customers;

Final Investment Decision (FID) is expected by August this year. Construction starts in October.