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Venice Energy is developing an LNG-to-power industry in South Australia.

Through the establishment of an LNG import terminal at Outer Harbor, Port Adelaide, the company will provide a new supply of gas to the south-eastern Australian gas market and ultimately will develop new low-emission gas-fired power generation for South Australia.

The Outer Harbor LNG project received construction approval from the State Government in December 2021.

This will improve energy security, grid stability and provide firm, dispatchable power to support the state’s world leading renewable energy sector. In addition, it will put downward pressure on electricity prices to benefit domestic, business and industrial consumers.

Construction of the Outer Harbor LNG project will create more than 350 construction jobs and around 100 new permanent jobs following commissioning of an LNG import facility in Port Adelaide.


Guiding principles

  • We accept the scientific consensus on climate change
  • We acknowledge that communities have a right to affordable, reliable and secure energy
  • We believe that low-emissions technologies, such as gas, are part of the solution in support of renewables
  • We support local communities and businesses as part of our supply chain